ksiazka tytuł: Revenge autor: Nick Ferris
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101 Things to do When You've Been Dumped
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Wydawnictwo: Matrix Digital Publishing
ISBN: 1840248556
Wydanie: 2001 r.
Język: angielski

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Revenge offers an amusing guide to the opportunities open to the person who suddenly finds themselves single again and is quite frankly pissed off about it. How do you get back at the person who dumped you? Well, look no further. There are many different ways. Some are funny. Some are silly. Many are disgusting. Some are dangerous. Some are unthinkable. This book has them all. Plus a few more. Dumping happens to us all. The Royals, the Pope, presidents, rock stars, dentists, funeral directors, road sweepers, bankers, jockeys, even Wombles and Teletubbies get dumped. This book is for all of you and those in-between.